Adidas Adizero BT Feather Squash Shoes

I first saw these Adidas BT Feather shoes on Alister Walker and Chris Gordon at the 2012 US Open. They have non-marking soles. Which is good, because it’d be awkward if two elite squash players were marking up the courts.

These are a slightly older model, so it’s a bit difficult to find them for sale, but the stores below still have them, for now. (See also: Adidas BT Feather.)

Adidas Adizero BT Feather

Here are some places to buy the white and black version (pictured above) that Alister Walker wears:

Buy (UK):

Buy (Germany):

Now here is the black and blue version that Chris Gordon was wearing:

It’s pretty tough to find those blue guys for sale, but here’s a store in Germany that seems to still carry them.

Buy (Germany):

Tonight after my league match I checked Squash TV on my phone to see if Chris Gordon and Tarek Momen were still playing. I caught the end of the third game, and then most of the fourth game, all while standing in the locker room, cheering on Gordon as some dudes went in and out of the sauna. (I relocated to a more appropriate spot in the lounge area for the fifth game.) Anyway WHAT A BATTLE. It was great to see the Richmond crowd fully getting behind Gordon. Momen seemed a bit out of sorts but was a class act all the way through.

In honor of Flash Gordon’s performance, I am posting a picture of his shoes:

Adidas Adizero BT Feather Black Red

Sadly, I can’t find these for sale anywhere at the moment. But they look cool.

Here is a picture of Gordon from the match with Momen.

Gordon Momen
Image via Chris Gordon’s Facebook page

Here’s another style that Alister Walker wears. This is from the 2013 British Open. I can’t seem to find these for sale any longer.

alister walker
Photo: Steve Cubbins

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