Adidas BT Feather Men

Here are the Adidas BT Feather for men. The BT stands for badminton, but these should be suitable for squash too. I haven’t seen these around yet but will keep an eye out for them. To be honest I am not sure if there’s a difference between these and the Adizero BT Feather that Chris Gordon and Alister Walker used to wear. This may just be an updated style.

Adidas BT Feather – White Black

Adidas BT Feather Men - White Black
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Adidas BT Feather – Red White

Adidas BT Feather Men - Red
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Adidas BT Feather – Blue White Silver

Adidas BT Feather Men - White Blue Silver
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Adidas BT Feather – Blue Red

Adidas BT Feather - Blue Red
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I saw Saurav Ghosal wearing these at the British Open:

Saurav Ghosal 2014
Photo by Steve Cubbins

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