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Adidas Stabil Squash Shoes

The Stabil Adidas brand of squash shoes is very popular amongst players on the PSA World Tour. Here are some of the Stabils that I’ve seen kicking around:

Adidas Stabil 2013

In 2013, Adidas kept their lineup relatively unchanged, bringing out the Adidas Stabil 10.1 series.

Similar to before, they are split into the higher-end Adipower Stabil 10.1 models and the midrange Court Stabil 10.1 models.

Here are some of the Adidas Adipower Stabil 10.1 models:

Adidas Adipower Stabil 10.1 Men - RedAdidas Adipower Stabil 10.1 - Blackadidas-adipower-stabil-10.1-blueadidas-adipower-stabil-10.1-whiteadidas-adipower-stabil-10.1-white-gray

And here are some of the Adidas Court Stabil 10.1 shoes. You can see they come in many of the same colors, but the design is slightly different:

Adidas Court Stabil 10.1 Blue

adidas court stabil 10.1 white blue green

Adidas Court Stabil 10.1 - Black

Adidas Stabil 2012

For 2012 Adidas brought out the Adidas Stabil 10 series. There are still a few pairs of these floating around, but they’re getting tough to find now. There are two strands of shoes.

First up is the Adipower Stabil 10 line, which has been used by James Willstrop, Greg Gaultier and others. The styles are quite similar to the Court Stabil 10s you see below, but the Adipower line is the higher-end model. It looks like this:




Adidas Adipower Stabil 10 Blue Red White

Then we have the Adidas Court Stabil 10 model, the less-expensive shoe in the range:

adidas stabil blueadidas-court-stabil-10-yellow-blue-image


I’ve also spotted the Adidas adiPower Stabil shoes not too long ago. So far I’ve seen these in two styles. The white pair has been worn by recent world #1 Gregory Gaultier. There’s also a blue version.

Stabil Adipower

Here are some Stabils from the Adidas Stabil Optifit line. These guys have been worn by Peter Barker and Jonathan Kemp.
Stabil Squash Shoes

Adidas Stabil 2011

I’ve seen the 2011 Adidas Stabil Optifit models on the feet of world #1 players James Willstrop and Gregory Gaultier, as well was many others. These were big back in 2011, but the’re not available any more.

Adidas Stabil BlueAdidas Optifit Stabil

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