Aim Where You Want the Ball to Go

I remember reading once that if you’re driving a racecar and you’re in danger of skidding off the track as you go around a turn, the best thing you can do is focus on the turn. If you focus on the wall, where you’re heading, you’re certain to end up crashing into the wall. If you focus on the turn, where you want to be, you’re more likely to recover from the skid.

How does this apply to squash, you might ask? Well today during practice I was making too many errors. So I started thinking to myself, “Stop making so many errors.” This is like being in a racecar and looking at the wall — you’re likely to just keep arriving where your thoughts are pointing. Sure enough, I kept hitting tins.

Then I thought of the racecar analogy, and I started to think, “Hit the ball UP”. All of a sudden, I stopped making as many errors. In fact, I also started taking the ball earlier, because it’s easier to hit up if you take the ball early. This put my practice partners under much more pressure. I also found myself naturally stepping into the ball, rather than taking it off my back foot, because it’s easier to hit the ball up when you step into it. So now I was hitting for more power too.

It was like I found a magic potion to cure all my squash woes at once. Suddenly, instead of scraping by, I was running everyone around the court and dictating the play.

Note to self: do this more.

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