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The above picture of Amr Shabana at the 2013 World Series Finals shows him using what appears to be a new, unmarked racket…but which one?

Note: this post is out of date. See Amr Shabana Racket for the latest.

The guys on PSA Squash TV said during today’s broadcast that Shabana is “out of contract” with Dunlop, which I assume means they have stopped sponsoring him for the time being, for whatever reason. So he’s stopped using the Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate and reverted back to what Squash TV’s Joey Barrington referred to as the “Dunlop Ice”. This is probably the Dunlop Ice Custom Elite, which Shabana was using back in 2006, according to this interview on SquashSite.

Here’s another photo from this same tournament, by Jordan Mansfield for the PSA World Tour Facebook page, which shows a couple “Amr Shabana” signature rackets in Shabana’s bag:


I think Dunlop maybe used to produce a Shabana signature version of the Dunlop Ice Custom Elite. Maybe he has grabbed a few out of the closet for this tournament.

Update: Laurent Cossa confirmed with Shabana that he’s using the ICE Custom Elite. Also see this nice closeup by Jordan Mansfield, from the PSA World Tour Twitter feed:


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  • I have never seen this version of the ICE custom Elite before. This must be a new version of that one?

    Probably Dunlop makes a special Shabana Racket this years after so many years of great work together??? Any thoughts on this?

    • I think it’s an older version that they used to make for Shabana. The guys on Squash TV are saying Dunlop has dropped Shabana as a sponsor, which is crazy!

      • I totally agree … That doesn’t make any sense.

        I’ve never seen a Shabana Signature Series ICE Custom Elite before. That’s why I still belive that this a revamped Edition!? I guess we will find out soon more:-)

        It also doesn’t make sense that he would still use a Dunlop Racket once Dunlop dropped the sponsorship with him. Any other brand would build him a custom made racket straight away and would release a special edition for him. He is still one of the best players in the world.

        Anyway … Once Dunlop produces a special Shabana Edition of the ICE Elite, I would buy it.

        Question: Why are so many TOP PSA player shifting to old rackets!?!?! Anything wrong with the newer versions and no improvement in technology, material, power and control at all? :-)

        Shabana – ICE Elite
        Willstrop – Speedport Black
        Ashour – Blackmax Titanium

        • I think the players just get used to one particular racket and then they are reluctant to change. The “business” side of squash wants to sell more rackets, so they want the players to always use the latest products. I’m sure it’s always a tension.

        • There was a ICE custom elite Shabana version, see here for a 2007 forum post regarding it:

        • Thanks for the link Skyler!

  • I know that a few of the Dunlop sponsored players haven’t changed their rackets since the ICE custom Elite but Dunlop have insisted that they have the frames re-painted with the ‘latest and greatest’ designs. Marketing at its best…

    • Yeah that’s for sure. Seems like Dunlop made the ICE custom Elite too good of a racket. Nobody wants to switch away from it!

      • Can I still buy the Dunlop ICE Custom Elite somewhere?

        • Hi Martin, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere!


  • What about now? Which Eye racquet is he using?


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