Amr Shabana Racket and Shoes

Here’s Amr Shabana’s racket and shoes as of the moment. He’s just switched to Salming shoes – see below for more.

This is a picture of him from the 2014 Swedish Open:
Amr Shabana Squash Racket and Shoes
Image via Swedish Open press release

Amr Shabana Racket
Shabs is using the Eye X-Lite 120 Control. Here’s a picture:
Eye X-Lite 120 Control Squash Racket
Image via

You can learn more on the Eye Rackets Website (not an affiliate link).

Amr Shabana Shoes
As of the 2014 Swedish Open, he’s switched to Salming squash shoes. He’s using the Salming Race R1 2.0. Here’s a picture:

Salming Race R1 2.0 Squash Shoes
Image via

Here’s Shabana warming up at the Tournament of Champions. This is the first time I know of him being spotted with the new shoes. (Thanks to Christian Drakenberg for the tip.) Shabs actually wore his old Hi Tec S700s during the tournament itself, which he won, by the way.

Video via Laurent Cossa

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