Ashaway SuperNick XL String

Here’s the Ashaway SuperNick XL. I’m posting different popular squash strings so people can comment on them if they want to.

Ashaway SuperNick XL String

I think these were the strings I used all through college. I never paid much attention to them at the time — it was just the stuff coach had lying around when it came time to restring. Man I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I’ve strung a squash racket myself. Soft.

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Here’s the reel. This is how we used to get it in college. You had to measure out how much you needed for one racket. You didn’t want to go too short and then find out at the end that you didn’t have enought string, but you didn’t want to go too long and waste string. School of the hard knocks, baby.

reel - ashaway supernick xl 17 360

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  • Hi everyone, Peter Nicol uses in his Prince 03 tour. Braided surface, provides excellent control, good feel, powerful string as well, 1.25 thickness, great durability
    here is a link for some details.


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