Asics Gel Blade 3 W (Women)

This is the Asics Gel Blade 3 W for women.

Nicol David wears these, although they’re in a custom color combination that you can’t buy:

Nicol David 2014 British Open

Here’s one you can buy. The color is powder blue, because ladies like the color blue. And powder.

Buy (UK):


Ok, here’s a white/purple version as well:

Buy (UK):


Also just found this gray and pink version, which I think is pretty cool:

Asics Gel Blade 3 Women Gray Pink
It’s not so easy to find but there are a few pairs left at and


Wait for it… here’s yet another one that’s EVEN MORE ELUSIVE.

Camille Serme rolls with this one:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

You can’t even buy this one. You can only look at it, here on

See also: Asics Gel Blade 3 for men.

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