Asics Gel Blast 4 Squash Shoes

These are some pretty sweet-looking Asics Gel Blast 4. The previous model, the Asics Gel Blast 3, was popular with a couple different players on tour, so I bet we will spy these on the courts when the season starts.

Update: Yep, they’re popular on tour. The men’s versions are below. See here for the women’s versions.

Update 2: There’s a newer version of this shoe out – the Asics Gel Blast 5.

Here’s Omar Mosaad wearing the Gel Blast 4’s against Ramy Ashour:

Omar Mosaad

And here’s Cameron Pilley wearing the blue version in the first picture and the green version in the second picture:



Here’s Hisham Ashour (in the background) actually wearing two different colors of Gel Blast 4s:


Photo by

Here are all the colors I’ve seen, and where to buy them.

Here’s the black guy:

Asics Gel Blast 4 Black

Buy (North America):

Buy (UK):


The red guy:

Asics Gel Blast 4 Red

Buy (UK):

Buy (North America):


The yellow(ish) guy:

Asics Gel Blast 4 Neon Yellow

Buy (UK): coupons


The green guy:

Asics Gel Blast Green

Buy (North America):


The blue and silver guy:

Buy (North America):


And an orange guy:

ASICS Gel-Blast 4 Indoor Court Shoes

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Buy (UK):

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  1. aerator says

    Additionally, this form of marketing gives you elasticity.

    Mulch mowers cut grass clippings twice into fine particles that fall through
    the turf and decompose quickly. Get some tips on calculating the
    value of your time and learn how to prioritize your tasks more effectively.

    • Tony says

      I see how that can relate to squash. “Marketing”must relate to how one moves on court. Mulching is like staying low on the T and it helps “decompose” your opponents loose shots. Genius aerator, pure genius.

  2. D says

    Brilliant Tony. I had a hard time with my comprehension of the analogies aerator was using. But your interpretation is like unlocking a squash bible. I agree, this person is a squash genius.

  3. Sahil Vohra says

    Hey, thanks for the info. I was checking out the Gel Blast 5 at the Asics flagship store in London yesterday, pretty steep @ 105 GBP. Finally found one online for 60 bucks. Before I pick them up though, would you have an idea of what they’ve improved in the 5 over the 4?

    I currently play with the Black & Silver Asics Gel Rocket. Really light (mediocre balance) and decent cushioning. The Blasts are much heavier, do you think that would make a big difference on court?

    Also – I came across the Gel Extent ( Whats your take on these?

    I live in Delhi and we’re not really a massive squash country – even though we have a few good guys on the circuit, so none of these are available here!

    Be happy if you could help!


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