Asics Gel Cyber Power Squash Shoes

The Asics Gel Cyber Power squash shoes. Finally, something I’ve been looking forward to in a squash shoe for a long time: Internet access. Yes, the cyber power has full 4G and LTE and WiFi.

At least, I assume it has all these things. Because there’s no way they’d stick “Cyber” into the name of these shoes otherwise, right? Seeing as cyber means “of or relating to the Internet” or something like along those lines.

Ok all that said though, I kind of like the rad and black color scheme. (Note: I originally meant to type “red and black” there, but I kind of like how it turned out, so I kept it.)

Asics Gel Cyber Power Squash Shoes
Asics Gel Cyber Power Squash Shoes
Asics Gel Cyber Power Squash Shoes
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Product Notes

Stefan and Terry both commented that the Cyber Power looks very similar to other Asics shoes. Here’s the Cyber Power next to the Asics Gel Progressive:

Asics Gel Progressive / Asics Gel Cyber Power Comparison
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