Asics Gel Fireblast Men

The Asics Gel Fireblast has been around for a couple years now. World #1 Mohamed El Shorbagy uses these shoes, as does top French player Gregoire Marche. Some readers felt these shoes gouged their ankles though. Read on for more details:

Asics Gel Fireblast 2014

The Asics Gel Fireblast in green for 2014.

Asics Gel Fireblast Green
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Here’s Paul from PDH Sports with a review:

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Thanks to Joe Magor for the tip!

Here’s another new color scheme for the Asics Gel Fireblast for men.

Asics Gel Fireblast Men Blue Orange
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Here’s an updated blue Asics Gel Fireblast for 2014.

Asics Gel Fireblast Men Blue 2014
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It looks pretty similar to last year’s, except the Asics logo is black.

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Asics Gel Fireblast 2013

The Asics Gel Fireblast 2013 version. Funky design. Only one problem. SquashRumours wrote in to say this:

Three members at our club, including me, bought these shoes two weeks ago. All 3 of us now regularly finish games with blooded socks with 1cm wounds just below the inside ankles. Skin removed at the same spot. All of us [are] regular Asics wearers but it appears this new brand has a design fault.

On the other side of the coin, turns out Mohamed El Shorbagy wears these now. In fact he won the Qatar Classic in them. Here he is:

Mohamed El Shorbagy
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Here’s the blue version:

Asics Gel Fireblast - Blue

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They’ve also got a yellow and black version now:

Asics Gel Fireblast - Yellow
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French player Gregoire Marche was using these at the 2013 HK Open:


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  1. Andrew Purdy says

    Seriously looking at a pair. Does anyone have any good comments for these. I know Bryan Beeson has a pair and see him from time to time. So I’ll also be asking him for his opinion too.

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Andrew – I haven’t heard any positive reviews yet (other than seeing pros are using them). If you find out anything from your friend please let us know! Thanks

  2. Andrew Purdy says

    Hello. I’ve asked Brian this morning about the shoes cutting into the ankles. He has had no such problems. Says there are very light and manoverable. Having been World no. 6 a few years ago I’ll take his review with more confidence than the others. Although everyone of course is different. But I still think I’m going to buy a pair. Looking at the black and yellow model. Thanks

    • Pierre Bastien says

      OK thanks for the feedback Andrew. Like you said, everyone is different. Let us know how it goes if you buy a pair!

  3. James S. says

    Over the years I have stuck to Asics. I change one pair every year. I have used the Gel Rocket 5, Gel Blade 3 and currently Gel Blast 5.

    Each of them is great, and distinctive in their own way. Rockets made up in price and affordability what it lacked in cushioning or design. Blades were a little low, but comfortable, maneuverable and great grip. But the best so far are the Blasts.

    I am due to switch my shoes again. Wondering if the Fireblasts are the next logical progression for me. The first thing that strikes me is the price. At $200 they are by far, in my opinion, the costliest squash shoes in the market.

    Pierre – the question is – is this pair really worth $200. If not, then what other pair would you recommend from the Asics stable. Perhaps because of the price, I’ve not seen many people wear this in the East Coast. The Yellow-Black ones look killer, but seem to be really hard to find, like what Gregoire Marche wears.

    Any advice from Pierre on any other reader, before I take the rather expensive plunge into this pair. There must be something special for it to be priced so high. I am guessing this is even costlier than a top-end Asics Running Shoe!

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi James, I’m a bit leery of the Fireblast. One reader found they cut into his ankles. (Though other readers said it wasn’t a problem.)

      It’s been years since I’ve worn Asics. I haven’t worn them since my old 1140Vs. I’m kind of tempted by these Get Rocket 7s, but entirely on stylistic grounds. I’ve never tried the Rockets before.

  4. Ibrahim says

    Hi PB & Everyone,

    Despite being less cushioned than Gel Progressive but these jewels are very attractive and actually better for fast pace & attacking players.

  5. Zsolt says

    So i got this shoe like a month ago and thought i would give some feedback. A little heads up before, so you know what i am comparing it to, i had these before: (also note i have an explosive playstyle)
    – asics rocket (pro:great for narrow feet, light, low price,good grip and cushioning/ con:weak support ankle hurt after intense sessions)
    -adidas court stabil 11 (pro:great for narrow feet, light, good support/con: needed to buy insole for better cushioning)
    -adidas counterblast (pro:light, good grip and cushioning/con: price, not supportive enough for my ankle)
    -adidas adipower stabil 11 (pro:great for wide feet, great support and cushioning/con: price, heavy-bulky)
    -mizuno wave stealth 2 (pro:great for wide feet, great support and cushioning, good grip/con: price, feels to high from the ground)
    And now the fireblast. I have narrow feet so it’s perfect for me. Someone with wide feet might find it to snug. Great grip and great cushioning, but the best thing that i just love is the “side wing” – it just gives you the best stability and push off, that i have ever experienced. It is pricey, but being an older model you can find good discounts online.
    Due note that the first 3-4 times you wear it, it feels restrictive and akward. After the break in period it just molds after your feet and becomes supper comfortable. Has a low feeling to it on the court but still has great cushioning.
    So my final verdict: best shoe i have ever played in ( but i have narrow feet). A bit pricey if you don’t find a discount and needs a break-in period. Asside from this I highly recommend it :)

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