Asics Gel Progressive Squash Shoes

These Asics Gel Progressive squash shoes look pretty cool.

Here’s an updated blue style for 2014. Looks much the same as last year’s, except for the dark toe:

Asics Gel Progressive Men - Blue 2014

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Here’s the 2013 blue style:

Asics Gel Progressive Men Blue 2013

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Here’s the red and black guy:

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Here’s a nice photo by Jordan Mansfield of two players at the German National Championships wearing these Asics Gel Progressive shoes.

Via Jordan Mansfield Photo: Jordan Mansfield

Oh, and the player on the right is using an Oliver squash racket, though I’m not sure which model.

Here’s another good shot of Progressive-on-Progressive action.

Photo Credit: Jordan Mansfield Photo: Jordan Mansfield


Here’s a photo of the Asics Gel Progressive shoes in another blue style, the 2012 one.

Photo Credit: Jordan Mansfield Photo Credit: Jordan Mansfield

Here’s an official product photo:

Photo Credit:

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Here’s one with gold trim, which seems no longer available.

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Also check out a very similar-looking shoe, the Asics Gel Cyber Power.
Asics Gel Cyber Power Squash Shoes




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