Asics Gel Rocket 6 Men

Here are the Asics Gel Rocket 6 for men. (See Women’s version here.)

The Gel Rocket 6 is one of the most popular shoes around my local courts. I haven’t tried them myself but people I’ve spoken to seem to like them. They come in several good color schemes, and they are usually affordably priced. Below are some links to buy these shoes. If you purchase through any of my links I will get a small commission – thanks!

This is the first model that’s come out for 2014, in black and “flash yellow”, though it has a greenish hue to me:

Asics Gel Rocket 6 - Black Yellow
Image via Holabird Sports

Thanks to Harrison Sebring for the tip on these.

Buy (US):

Buy (UK):


Here’s another new one for 2014. This is also looking pretty green, except EVEN MORE GREEN.

Asics Gel Rocket 6 Men - Green
Image via

Buy (UK):


Here’s another in “onyx” and black, which looks very snappy. This one was new for 2013:

Asics Gel Rocket 6 Men Onyx Black
Image via


This is a blue and white version, also new for 2013:

Asics Gel Rocket 6 Men Blue White
Image via

Buy (UK):

Buy (Germany):


Here’s the black, silver and yellow. I like that one:

Asics Gel Rocket 6 Mens


Here’s the blue one:

Asics Gel Rocket 6 Blue
Image via


The silver, white and blue one:

Asics Gel Rocket 6 White
Image via



The black one:

Asics Gel Rocket 6 Black
Image via

Buy (UK):


There’s also one in black and silver:

Asics Gel Rocket 6 Review



And here’s the plain guy, in white, black and silver:

Buy (US):

Buy (UK):



I also found a blue and orange style as well:


One more in black and red:

Asics Gel Rocket 6 - Black Red

I’ve only seen that shoe in one store in Malaysia, but it’s sold out.


You can also find some of these shoes (in various styles) on eBay:

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