Asics Gel Sensei 5 Men

This is the Asics Gel Sensei 5 for men. It’s part of the Asics Gel Sensei range. Here are a few pics:

Asics Gel Sensei 5 Men - Blue White Orange
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Note the asymmetric lacing pattern on the top view.

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One comment I heard about the previous model, the Asics Gel Sensei 4, is they were tough, but a little inflexible, so you have to get the size spot on.

If you’ve tried this new version, let us know how it feels.

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  1. Snelly says


    I have had these shoes for about three weeks now and have probably had 10 games in them. They are now worn in and my view is that they are okay but not as nice as the Gel Progressives I had previously. They seem to fit slightly higher up the foot and rub my ankle a little and don’t fit me personally as well as my old shoes.

    In a more general sense though, the snazzy paint has already worn away at the area where the base of my big toe gets dragged and they look a bit scruffy. Worst of all though is that they feel much heavier than the Gel Progressives and this is noticeable on court.

    I can’t say I really recommend these and would point people to the Gel Progressives as a better Asics shoe for around the same price.

    The only real plus is that everyone says how nice they look but that certainly does not outweigh the extra weight and cumbersome nature of these shoes. Sorry I cannot be more positive. Asics are great but they have models that I think are much better than these.

  2. Snelly says

    Update – I have now binned these. Just too heavy and not a good squash shoe at all. I think they are sold primarily for volleyball and they might be great for that but for squash, one to be avoided.

    I have gone back to the Asics Gel Rockets and they are a huge improvement. Great shoes and they were only £50 too.

  3. Ole says

    I have these shoes and I would recommend them to players with specific need for protection. The balance between weight and dampening in good shoes, equals relation racket power vs control.
    I am older and plays every day , so to save my knees, hips, heels, achilles, ankels and keep me in the game , I come to appreciate the max dampening unique to this model(Mizuno Tornado also good).
    I also have the lightest shoes like Asics Fastball and the Blade 4 both 366grams us11. They are about 40 grams lighter than the Sensei(406g). Definitely lighter, but definitely not so much dampening, so I can only use them when my legs are not in pain(which is nearly never) or for specially important matches when you need to fly. So Sensei for me perfect shoes for to keep me in the game on steady daily basis, avoiding Plantar Fasciitis and other leg/feet trouble that can set out of play for a long time and ruin your season and even(Squash)life.
    Hevy shoes also gives bigger leg muscle!

  4. Kev says

    The structure of this shoe and the features incorporated by ASICS more than compensate for the little extra weight when compared to other models. I’ve used several other ASICS models with lesser features and lighter in weight, but they do not compare to the Sensei shoe. In my experience, the stability and cushioning of this shoe contributes much more positively to on-court agility when compared to a less supportive and potentially lighter weight version.

    Once you get the break-in period over (approximately four good matches) these shoes really grip the floor while providing superior cushioning and ankle support.

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