Asics Gel Volleycross Revolution MT Men

The Asics Gel Volleycross Revolution MT, a.k.a the Asics Gel Volleycross 4. There’s also a women’s version.

Asics Gel Volleycross Revolution MT
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To be honest I wasn’t even going to post about these. I was scared off by the MT, which I think stands for mid-top, but anyway it means the shoe has high ankle support. Now personally, I like my ankles to roam free. And so I was thinking about not posting these. But then Kenneth Tuttle Wilhelm sent me this review:

When I tried these shoes on in a store, I was immediately impressed with how fitted they felt on my feet. The design is very much like a running shoe, but with a rubber sole meant for the indoor courts.

I used to play competitive badminton (Open/A grade in both the USA and Australia), and now play relatively high level, recreational squash. Because of the wear and tear on my knees from 18 plus years of badminton, and the general pounding of the squash game, I prefer court shoes that have excellent cushioning in both the heel and the forefoot.

About the sizing, I believe because of the fitted cut: quite tight in the heel and around the arch area, then gradually flaring out around the forefoot region, it is important to try these shoes on prior to purchase. A little bit too long and the cut in the arch region will end up feeling too tight. I pretty much only use Asics, but I’ve found that depending on the model, I’ve successfully worn anywhere from an 8, 8.5, to even a 9. The Volleycross, I’m wearing an 8.5.

In terms of play, the Gel-Volleycross Revolution MT were some of the best I’ve ever used. They simply never caused me a second thought during their first use on court, which was in a competitive match. And that’s pretty unique, as usually when I wear shoes on the court for the first time, or switch models from day to day, I will notice the different ‘feel’ on the court’s surface.

When I tried these on for the first time, I also tried on the Asics Sensei 4. This is where I first noted the very ‘fitted’ cut of the newer Asics models. The Sensei I tried on was a size 9 (the store didn’t have 8.5 in stock). Being just a little too long and they were uncomfortable, width wise, in the arch region, pinching on the outside edge of my foot. The Volleycross was perfect in a size 8.5. No slack side to side, or forward movement in the store, nor anything noticeable on the court. And the grip on the wood floor was superb.

And so then I had to post them.

Since then, I’ve seen a couple of people at my local courts wearing these. Honestly they look so BIG in the pictures, I was scared off by them. But in person, they just look like normal squash shoes, with a little extra ankle support.

They also got the blue guy:

Asics Gel Volleycross Revolution MT Squash Shoes

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Here’s a red one:

Asics Gel Volleycross Revolution MT Men [Red]
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Here’s a yellow and blue one. They call this Flash Yellow and Royal:

Asics Gel Volleycross Revolution MT Men [Yellow Royal]
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