Asics Seigyo Squash Shoes

These Asics Seigyo squash shoes are worn by Ramy Ashour and Ali Anwar Reda.

Asics Seigyo Squash Shoes

Here’s how the shoes look on Ramy. This picture shows a moment from Ramy’s semifinal match with James Willstrop:

Photo by SquashSite

That was an awesome moment in an awesome match. Anyway, here’s another look at the Asics Seigyo shoes, video-style. Too bad you don’t speak German.

And here’s Ali Anwar Reda:

Ali Anwar Reda

Huge credit to Sean Reynolds for letting me know which shoes Ramy was wearing. I had done about 1.7 million Google searches trying to find out which model this was. Thanks Sean! He also solved the mystery of Ramy’s El Gouna shoes, by the way.

Here are some affiliate links to buy these guys:

Buy (UK):


Here’s another version of the Asics Seigyo in white:

Buy (US):

Buy (UK):

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  • Thanks a lot for your work. Unbelievably, these shoes seem to cost only around £40-50!

    • You’re welcome. Yep, they seem like a pretty good deal!

  • I saw these seigyo trainers at an Asics outlet yesterday here in the UK for £18 for white and £28 for red/silver/black.
    I bought 10 pairs of them.
    Going to list them on ebay at a very reasonable cost. Brilliant shoe and great price too

    • Hi Tim nice move! Let me know the link on eBay once you have it set up.


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