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Harrow Squash Bags: Build a Dynasty

Just posting a few Harrow squash bags. (See also: Harrow Backpacks.)

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Harrow Rival Squash Bags

The Harrow Rival squash bag (2 color schemes). Sorta retro look. I kind of dig the red and white one:

Harrow Squash Bags White Red
Harrow Squash Bags Purple
Image via holabirdsports.com

Apparently this can hold 6 rackets + gear.

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Harrow Dynasty Squash Bags

Here’s the Harrow Dynasty range of bags:


Oh my bad, they look like this:

Harrow Squash Bags - Green White
Harrow Squash Bags - Blue Yellow
Images via holabirdsports.com

These guys hold NINE rackets + gear. Because a dynasty wasn’t built on 6 rackets.

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Harrow Pro Squash Bags

Here’s one called the Harrow Pro racket bag:


Images via holabirdsports.com

9 rackets + gear.

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Harrow 6-Racket Squash Bags

This one’s just called the Harrow 6-Racket Bag. Maybe the people at Harrow who make up names for stuff had this one late come up late on a Friday.

Images via holabirdsports.com

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Harrow 3-Racket Squash Bags

I own this one in black. It’s been good to me. But now that I’ve just made fun of the 6-racket bag, I have to say, I would like the 6-racket bag. When I first got the 3-racket bag, it was perfect. But now that I’m doing more with Squash Source, my bags is always stuffed to the gills with rackets.


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