Black Knight Ion Element PSX Daryl Selby

Here’s Black Knight Ion Element PSX Daryl Selby signature racket:

Black Knight Ion Element PSX Selby
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Here’s Daryl in action with the new racket at the HK Open:

Photo by Squash Site

The racket’s name makes it sound like an extension of the Black Knight Ion Element PSX, but as you’ll read below, it may actually be a newer version of the Magnum Corona 6.

I first heard about this one from Essex Junior Squash:

Fred Chin also wrote in to let me know about this racket. Here’s Fred’s breakdown of the difference between the original PSX and the Selby signature version.

The PSX Selby is 5 grams heavier than the standard PSX, and sports the same frame weight and dynamic weight as the Magnum Corona 6. It is also slightly more powerful than the standard PSX. String-wise, the standard PSX comes with PowerNick 19 (black, 1.05mm), whereas the PSX Selby comes with UltraNick 18 (light blue, 1.15mm), which was seen strung on his Corona 6 at the 2014 British Open and at subsequent games onwards.

Thanks to both!

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