Black Knight Ion Element PSX Squash Racket

The Black Knight Ion Element PSX:

Black Knight Ion Element PSX
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I hear from PDH Sports that there will also be a Daryl Selby signature version of this racket. Currently Daryl is using the Black Knight Magnum Corona 6.


Weight: Medium (135 grams)
Balance: Head-light
Head Size: Small (475 sq. cm)
Strings: Ashaway Powernick 19

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Black Knight Ion Element PSX Reviews

Control the T says this a “great looking, great performing racket”. They say this is Black Knight’s top-of-the-line racket, it’s stiff, and it has a thinner beam than the Black Knight Ion X-Force.

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  1. Karam Singh says

    Looking forward to trying this! Currently use X-force black. PN19 is lovely to play with (as long as you can afford it – doesn’t last too long for me).

  2. Bopper says

    Interesting choice to put PN19 as the string. Not renowned as a long lasting string and I would have thought one of the 18 guage strings from Ashaway might have been a safer option. Last thing you want to do is get a restring after a couple of weeks with a new racket.

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