Black Knight Ion Quartz PSX

Black Knight Ion Quartz PSX
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I’d never heard of the Black Knight Ion Quartz PSX until a reader named Richard wrote in to ask when it will be available in the UK. I still don’t know the answer to that (hopefully will find out soon!) but thought I would post the racket. Update: I hear this racket will be available in the UK in July at PDH Sports.

Black Knight Ion Quartz PSX Specs

Weight: Light (130 grams)
Balance: Head Light (? cm)
Head Size Large (500 sq. cm)
Released: 2014 I think

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  1. says

    Hi .. Richard again! Bought direct from Canada in the end- plays head light and feels a big difference from the Ion Storm I had before- lighter and more flexible. Great Power shots combined with a control that makes it a great racket for me! Now available in the UK

  2. Raza says

    Just bought this racket in the UK from PDH Sports after trialling it alongside 3 other rackets.

    It won hands down. I love the Powernick 19 gauge string (1.05mm) which provides a lot of grip on the ball making effortless work of volleys and front of court shots. Drives are also well handled by the racket – the frame is exceptionally stiff which I like , more so than my existing racket and two alternatives (all Tecnifibres, including last years Carboflex 125) all of which comparatively flex when playing drives.

    The potential achilles heel s the string. Out of the packet it’s quite tightly string and at 1.05mm you wonder how long it’s going to last. For the moment though I’ve found a new favourite.

  3. Brent says

    Was able to try this racquet out before purchasing. If you have played with the original Carboflex 130, you will have a good idea about how this plays. It is exceptionally stiff but does not play like a stiff racquet at all. The thin beam is excellent for not accidentally clipping the frame on drop shots and seems to have quite a wide sweet spot compared to a Carboflex.

    The stock string is an odd choice for this frame. I know BK only strings with Ashaway but TF 305 is vastly superior to the brittle PN19, which seems to go dead quite quickly. This frame also seems to require a tight tension to counter the massive power this can generate. As an aside, the white stencil’ed knight paint got all over the ball, which was quite a silly problem.

    If you are looking for a racquet with exceptional feeling, way too much power and a great balance, this might be the racquet for you.

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