Black Knight Ion Storm

This is what you need to know about the Black Knight Ion Storm:


David Palmer


David Palmer


David Palmer

Before there was Beast Mode:

There was David Fucking Palmer:

And here is his racket:

Black Knight Ion Storm Squash Racket
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Weight: 135 grams
Balance: head-heavy
Frame size: 475 cm2

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  1. Chano says

    Is there anyone up there that has tried both racquets: Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GTS 130 and BK Ion storm.
    Differences: almost same weight, same string pattern and more durable apparently the BK. Dunlop seems a little fragile and needs a restring to be in the same league.
    Difference in price also justified because of superior string in case of BK.
    Could you shed some light on this tópic?
    BK just started to distribute in my Region. Not too many players have tried the brand.
    THANKS in advance

    • Juan says

      Hi Chano, I decided to reply to your question even though I have NOT used the BK Ion Storm.
      I was using the Dunlop Pro GTS 130 at the beginning of this year but recently switched to another Dunlop racket: the Biomimetic Ultimate. The main reason why I changed rackets was because of the weight balance of the Pro GTS wasn’t doing it for me…although Dunlop describes this model as ‘head light’ that is simply NOT true, holding the racket is just like holding a hammer. I find that on the current Dunlop range the Ultimate and the Elite have a much more even distribution of the weight.
      Hope this helps.

      • says

        Thats true with the dunlop my gtx-130 with ashaway red strings and that basically turned into a hyper hammer. My dunlop was fragile though the paint below the bumper at the top fades away very rasily and the frame doesnt put up with many bumps. Ive played briefly with the black knight racquet however the balance to me didnt work out and it felt quite “dead” so not too responsive

  2. Fred says

    Just got the Ion Storm. Striking paintwork all over, been described as “The Man with the Golden Racket” these days. Anyway although I can’t compare it with the Dunlop cos I’ve never owned that before, I would say the Ion Storm works great for me – very easy to start playing with it immediately. Large head size, so it’s very forgiving. It also feels very maneuverable, perhaps because I’ve been using a 140g racket previously. But definitely less power than a 140g racket. Love the control on it with the stock Powernick strings. If anyone is familiar with the Black Knight Ion series, I would say that this is one of the better Ion rackets.

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