Black Knight Ion X-Force Black Squash Racket

This is the Black Knight Ion X-Force Black. The racket weighs 140 grams (medium) and is head-heavy. (See a related racket, the Black Knight Ion X-Force Yellow, for a head-light version.)

Black Knight Ion X-Force Black Squash Racket
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Apparently it’s made of Nano Crystalline Technology. Now crystals, they’re already pretty small. But Nano Crystals are EVEN SMALLER, so that must be good, right? To their credit, Black Knight actually explains on their Website that this is “an additive incorporated into the carbon fibre that not only helps reduce vibration but binds the fibres for added durability.”

Here’s what Paul from PDH Sports had to say:

And here are some affiliates that have this racket for sale.

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Canadian #1 Sam Cornett actually plays with a custom version of this guy. DSR has some background from Sam on how her custom Black Knight Ion X-Force came to be:

It is a red version of the very popular yellow-on-black model. The original plan we thought of was a pink version of the racquet to market to younger girls, and anyone else who enjoys pink of course! However, pink isn’t at the top of my list, so I asked if green or red would work. Fred Reid from Black Knight was very open to ideas and thought red would be a good one, Canada-style!

Here’s a photo:

Sam Cornett Black Knight Ion X-Force

More photos from Samantha’s Facebook page:



Here she is at the 2012 US Open, with the original non-Sam version of the X Force:

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  1. Iqbal says

    I bought the Black Knight Ion x-force two months ago and have absolutely loved it. Don’t yet know how it performs for durability. Great power and very good control. I am a bit inexperienced when it comes to rackets (Had tried Prince Airstick 140 and Dunlop Aerogel 4D Elite before, and BK ion x-force is FAR superior to both.

  2. Greg says

    I get all my black knight rackets at , they seem to have the lowest prices for Black Knight.

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