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Black Knight Magnum Corona

The Black Knight Magnum Corona. Not to be confused with the newer Black Knight Magnum Corona 6. Still no word on what happened to Coronas #2-5. Guessing some product guys at Black Knight drank them.

Black Knight Magnum Corona

Anyhow, Ryan Cuskelly was playing with this at the 2013 World Championships:

Ryan Cuskelly
Photo by Steve Cubbins

This racket is 140 grams.

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  • Ben December 25, 2013, 5:12 am

    Did some research on Black Knight Magnum Corona 6, as i might be getting it. I also know what happened to Coronas #2-5. It is were new technology is added to the racket. Black Knight says, ‘Power of 6 frame, analyzed under stress at 6 key points, with the resulting data used to fine tune the racket until the best performance results are achieved.’ So i am guessing Coronas #2-5 are old models, with old technology and have a power of 2-5 frame hence the Coronas numbers.

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