Donna Urquhart Squash Equipment


Well here are a couple pictures from the Women’s World Open of Donna Urquhart and her squash equipment, which I can’t identify too well.

Both photos from SquashSite’s Facebook page.

In the photo above — great photo by the way — you can make out she’s wearing Asics shoes. I think they might be the Asics Gel Domain 2.

Also have a look at the photo below. What’s that Harrow racket she’s got? Looks like it says “The Wave” on it. I’m guessing this is a custom racket that Harrow has made for her.


Update: A reader named Bopper commented below that this is a custom Donna Urquhart racket from Harrow called The Wave. More pictures here.

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    • Pierre says

      Thanks Bopper!! I will post that picture on my blog shortly.

      It’s funny I was playing in a league match on Tuesday and I noticed one of our opponents was playing with the Wave. I couldn’t believe it. He let me have a look at it. Sure enough it had her signature and the wave stylings.


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