Dunlop Apex 110 Squash Racket

Here’s the Dunlop Apex 110:

Dunlop Apex 110
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Looks like this guy came out in 2013, though I don’t think it made much of a splash. Or at least, I didn’t post about it at the time, so I’m posting it now and backdating it to 2013 :)

According to Control the T, this is the descendant of the Vision 110 / Venom 110.

Looks like this racket has since been replaced by the Dunlop Apex Lite.

Dunlop Apex 110 Specs

Weight: Light (110 grams)
Balance: Head-light
Head Size: Large (500 sq. cm)

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Dunlop Apex 110 Reviews

I got a chance to try out this racket recently. Here’s my review:

If you’ve used this racket, please let us know in the comments how you liked it.

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  1. Tjeerd says

    One of my squash-buddies bought one of these last week, and had no problems me hitting some lengths with it (thanks Dave!).

    Because I have a favour for even / slightly top-heavy balanced rackets, I was somewhat biased whether I would like this Dunlop Apex 110 or not. How wrong I was…

    Despite the light weight, I had no trouble at all to hit a good length. On ball impact, the racket felt very solid. Although the small vibration-damper was removed, the racket had no annoying vibrations whatsoever. Touch was okay, no problem to hit a decent drop shot with this stick.
    Of the shelf it is strung with Dunlops Precision 1.18 string; put in a Ashaway PowerNick 18 or TechniFibre 305 and I am sure you will hit te plaster of the walls.

    Conclusion: this is a good, solid power racket. Great value for money, you almost can’t go wrong with this one.

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Thanks Tjeerd, it’s funny you mention this racket. I’ve never played with it but I just had a hit with the newer version, now called the Dunlop Apex Lite, and I really liked it. Great feel, good power, nice design. And it’s relatively inexpensive too.

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