Dunlop Apex Lite Squash Racket

Here’s the Dunlop Apex Lite squash racket. This is a new design for 2014:
Dunlop Apex Lite Squash Racket
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Looks like this might be a new cosmetic for the Dunlop Apex 110.

Update: this racket will be replaced by the Dunlop Apex Infinity starting in 2015.


This racket is very light (110 grams), and also has a head-light balance, so you should be able to whip it around pretty quickly. It’s got a large head size at 500 sq. cm.

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I spent a few minutes hitting with this racket the other day, and I loved it. Great control, good power, and nice design too. And the best part is this racket is relatively inexpensive compared to some of the top Dunlop rackets.

Have you used this racket? Please let us know in the comments how you like it.

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  1. Tjeerd says

    I playtested this racket last evening. It honours its name: the frame weight is 110 grams, the racket weight – like you will hold it in your hands – is just about 150 grams…and that’s light! :)

    IMHO this is not a beginners racket; it is not very forgiving. Due to the lightness and head light frame balance, you will have to make sure to use good technique, hit the sweetspot and have a firm grip on ball impact on every strike. Off centre hits will be punished with “swirling”, half-court balls. Although the racket has Dunlop’s “PowerMax” string pattern, it’s definitely *not* a power racket; you will have to generate the power yourself using proper swing and technique.
    The frame is quite stiff and gives you great touch. The factory strings (Dunlop Great White 1.22/G17) are not that “great”, they feel quite “flat” an dull on ball impact. A restring with a more lively, stretchy string – like the TF 305 – probably upgrades this racket and will lift it to the next level.

    Conclusion: If you like light rackets, this one is certainly worth a try. Compared to the prices of some other Dunlops (you can get this racket for under € 60,-), this racket is a bargain. And for that, you will get good quality. Some B-level players at my club prefer this one above other €100+ rackets, says enough…

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