Dunlop Apex Tour Squash Racket

The Dunlop Apex Tour squash racket. This is a mid-price Dunlop squash racket that I believe is new for 2014. There’s also a tennis racket by the same name, which is weird. Anyway this is the squash racket:

Dunlop Apex Tour Squash Racket
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Weight: Light (120 grams)
Balance: Head-light
Head Size: Large (525 sq. cm)

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The T Squash Center says:

This a great racquet from Dunlop in the mid price range. I have tested it and like it.

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  1. kkc88 says

    Just bought this racquet. Nice feel and no vibration with or without the default mini squash ball dampener. Powerful racquet if you hit the sweet spot. Still using the manufacturer strings but plan to replace with TF 305. Hope it would have an even better feel and power! Good value for money compare to the top end racquets like the Biomimetic series. Prefer this to my Biomimetic Elite 2012 model.

    Tested the teardrop shaped Dunlop Apex 110 as well, but in the end decided to buy this racquet. Much better control and feel on the Apex Tour.

  2. fatjoez says

    looks like a great racquet.

    I had a feel of it in the store and seems very sturdy, light + powerful with the tear drop shape.

    Will probably buy it. Sells for $160 AUD retail here and now $120 on special

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