Dunlop Biomimetic Max 2012

This is the Dunlop Biomimetic Max 2012 squash racket. Looks like Dunlop has made the racquet a full 10 grams lighter and changed the styling a bit from the prior model, adding a splash of green color.

Dunlop Biomimetic Max 2012

Note: this has been replaced by the Dunlop Biomimetic Max 2013.

Here’s a little Dunlop promo image for the new racquet, showing Ramy Ashour. I only just realized from looking at this picture that Ramy is an android. Look at his green eyes and metallic coloring. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Dunlop Biomimetic Max Squash Racket Review

Dunlop Biomimetic Max 2012 Specs

Name: Dunlop Biomimetic Max
Colors: Black/White/Green
Manufacturer: Dunlop Squash
Weight: Light (130 grams)
Balance: Head-light

Anyway, it appears Ramy did use this racket during the 2012 World Championships, which he won, but he also used the Dunlop Blackmax Titanium, an older model that isn’t available for sale anymore.

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