Dunlop Biomimetic Pro Lite

Looky looky, a new version of the Dunlop Biomimetic Pro Lite 140 for 2014:

Dunlop Biomimetic Pro Lite
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Saw this puppy at the Dunlop store. Looks like just an updated cosmetic of the one I blogged about a couple years ago.

It’s listed as 166 grams, which is quite heavy. The balance is listed as “extra head light”. Sort of a strange combination. And to top it off, there’s another racket for sale at the Dunlop store called the Dunlop Pro Lite, with different specs. Somewhat of a mystery.

Update: It’s available at Holabird, at 140 grams (same as the prior racket).

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Here’s the prior version of this racket:

Dunlop Biomimetic Pro Lite 140

I first saw this in the photo of Nick Matthew visting the Street Squash kids. Oddly, this racket is not listed on Dunlop’s website, yet it’s widely available around the world. It’s 140 grams so sort of a medium weight. It has the open throat, unlike other Dunlop rackets like the Dunlop GTX 140, which has the same weight and quite similar styling.

A guy I often play in the league, who is a former Marine, plays with this. So that’s something.

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At one time you could also find this version of the Dunlop Biomimetic Pro Lite in black and gray. I found this on the Dunlop Website originally, but it’s no longer listed there.

Dunlop Biomimetic Pro Lite - Black Gray
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These rackets are all probably the latest iteration of the Dunlop Aerogel Max. The head shapes seem identical. Thanks Tjeerd for the tip!

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