Dunlop Biomimetic Tour 6 Racket Thermo Bag

A few Dunlop squash bags for ya. I think these are a couple years old, but they’re still available.

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  • Shoulder straps
  • 2 compartments capable of holding up to 6 rackets and other items
  • Temperature insulated inner compartments for temperature regulation
  • Integrated shoe/wet pocket
  • Side pocket with internal phone/iPod pocket, key clip and valuables pocket

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  • Amusing story.

    I was walking back to the office with the Red/Black one on my back. Music on, minding my own business. A woman, at a red light, tapped me on the shoulder and asked, “excuse me, I’ve never seen a bag like that before…what’s inside? Is it a small cello?” I told her it’s a squash bag and she looked at me like I was from another planet…

    Folks, these are large bags.

    • Haha. That classic “Dunlop Sport” small cello bag.


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