Dunlop Biomimetic Tour CX

Here’s the Dunlop Biomimetic Tour CX. Bit of a strange head shape, eh?

Dunlop Biomimetic Tour CX 2013 Squash Racket
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This guy is 135 grams, with an even balance.

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Marwan El Shorbagy uses this. Here he is at the 2013 US Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

See also: The 2013 Dunlop Pro GTS 130, which is 5 grams lighter.

There’s also the 2012 version of this same racket, which is still available:

Dunlop Biomimetic Tour CX 2012

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Dunlop Biomimetic Tour CX Reviews

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  1. Dani Roman says

    Why is this racquet is so expensive, worth it?
    And what’s the difference between this racquet and the dunlop pro gts 130 besides the weight and the frame shape?

  2. PapaJ says

    I had this racquet for about a couple of months. Very nice feel, nice for ‘touch’ players, but lacks power – at least for my liking.

    It’s powerful enough if you’ve got a decent technique, it’s very light (135g is its official weight and that’s pretty much its playing weight), so if you know what you’re doing you can get some speed through the ball, but the racquet itself really lends itself to the ‘thinking game’ rather than the ‘power player’. The frame shape is a bit different too, I like the flatter tops on the head – and in any case, it has a fairly even feel across the strings with a large ‘sweet spot’ which is good.

    The biggest issue for me is that it’s fragile. I broke mine with very little force on about it’s 10th game, some one else I know had one and it lasted just 3 hit-outs. Could have been dumb luck, but I would proceed with caution.

    All in all, I wasn’t very happy with it, even before it broke. I think it will suit certain players more, it’s not a bad racquet by any stretch, but certainly at the retail price, I think you can find better balanced racquets; one that doesn’t sacrifice as much power for touch/feel as this one seems to, and one that is a bit tougher too.

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