Dunlop Blackstorm Graphite Squash Racket

This is the Dunlop Blackstorm Graphite, Hisham Ashour’s racket from the 2012 US Open.


Here’s Hisham (picture via Note the matching yellow and black color combo on his Dunlop Blackstorm Graphite and his Asics Gel Game 3s. Tight.

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Now there’s also a racket called the Dunlop Blackstorm Graphite 500. What’s the “500” for, you ask? A good question. I have not been able to find any information anywhere about the difference between the 500 and the non-500. Maybe when you buy the 500, you get 500 style points. To simplify matters, the 500 is only available in Germany.

Dunlop Blackstorm 500 Review

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