Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium Squash Racket

The Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium.

This racket was released back in 2010 I think, and I’m pretty sure it was succeeded by the Dunlop Biomimetic Max series. I’ve noticed this racket is, at this writing in 2014, available for pre-order at the Dunlop Store. So this racket may be making a comeback.

Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium Squash Racket
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Paul from PDH Sports makes a good point in this review: though this is priced as a midrange racket, it still plays nicely and is quality construction. Over and over on the PSA tour we’ll see players preferring to play with older rackets — even (and perhaps especially) world #1 Ramy Ashour — just because they are used to them or who knows why. But the bottom line is you don’t necessarily need to buy the latest and greatest top-of-the line racket to play squash well.

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  1. Jeroen Mulderij says

    But now I strung it with Ashaway Powernick at a tension of 12,5 kg and I don’t like it. But first I strung it at a tension of 13 kg and that plays well for me and now experimenting with tension and strings (any tips anyone about the strings?). Btw. I am 17 years old from the Netherlands.

  2. Dee says

    Hi guys,
    I think that your website is very insightful. Keep up the good work !

    @ Jeroen:

    I am an improving player and it is about time for me to indulge into a new racket and this Dunlop definitely fits into my price bracket. From your experience, how do you think this racket performs? Is it as durable as described, would it be acquainted to wall/floor bashing? Would you classify it as an all rounder? and finally what is your level of playing?

    Best Regards,

    • Ben says

      Hi Dee this racket can withstand some floor bashes but watch out and, it will most likely crack. It’s more of a power racket because of it’s shape (teardrop) also have you considered Wilson Hyper Hammer 145, 120 or 110 all are stronger a provide excellent control and power also they are head heavy in balance, sorry couldn’t find a review for Wilson Hyper Hammer 145. Here is a link to a review from Paul at PDHsports
      Hyper Hammer 120:
      Hyper Hammer 110:

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