Dunlop I-Armor Goggles

In the interest of eye safety, let’s have a look at these Dunlop I-Armor squash goggles. I’ve seen a few people wearing them, including (I think) Adrian Leanza at the Philadelphia Open.

Basically they look pretty cool, silver with a dash of red, nothing too crazy. Wear some.

Dunlop I-Armor Goggles - Silver and Red

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Oh, here’s a new green and black version:

Dunlop I-Armor Goggles - Green and Black
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Dunlop I-Armor Reviews

Here’s Paul at PDH Sports trying these out:

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  • Hi!

    Do you know whether you can change the glasses and replace them with corrective glasses?


    • Hi Martin

      No I don’t think you can change out the lenses. I will have to look into it a little bit but I think the only way to get eye protection with corrective lenses is to have them made. You can probably buy them wherever you buy regular glasses.



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