Eye X Lite 120 Pro Control Squash Racket

The Eye X.Lite 120 Pro Control. It’s 120 grams and I don’t know the balance.

Eye X.Lite 120 Pro Control Squash Racket
Image via eyerackets.com

Borja Golan just starting using this racket, moving away from the Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GT-X 140. Here’s Borja in a strange photo from the 2014 Swedish Open:

Photo by Tommi Tapola

Here’s the promo photo:

Borja Golan Racket

No affiliate links yet, but you can buy this racket at eyerackets.com

Note: Borja has since switched to the Eye X.Lite 120 Control.

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  1. G says

    Based on the photos from his match in El Gouna with Adrian Grant, it looks like he’s back to using his Dunlop, though it’s been poorly painted to resemble the Eye racquet…

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