Gregoire Marche Equipment [2014 British Open]

Gregoire Marche 2014 British Open
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Racket: Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 (maybe — see comments)
Shoes: Asics Gel Fireblast

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  • the cosmetics of the racket don´t look like the carboflex 125

    • You’re right they do look a little off. I will see if I can get a clearer picture when he plays today.

  • Reply
    • Good one Simon. It looks like it might be an updated cosmetic on the Carboflex 125?

  • Thema frame looks identical to the original carboflex 125. think its only a different paintjob?!

  • Above the grip you can see a Little yellow part, this is the same on the original one.

    • Sometimes pros can get custom rackets catered to them personally. And taking off cosmetics (paint) could shave off a few grams/OZs and it’s cheaper than making the actual racket lighter. And the cosmetics are shaved off Gregoire’s rackets so it’s probably just that he likes his racket lighter.


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