Harrow Dread Vapor Squash Racquet

Well here’s the Harrow Dread Vapor, a custom-painted version of the Harrow Vapor:

Harrow Dread Vapor Squash Racket

The product description on this racket makes me cringe a little bit:

It’s time to get irie with the newest design of Harrow’s best selling racquet around the world. With the same performance and playability that you have come to expect from the Vapor, this jammin’ makeover is sure to improve your game and style, mon.

Maybe this is the racket Bob Marley would have played squash with. Speaking of Bob Marley, did you ever watch the documentary called Marley? Immensely entertaining. There was a pretty amusing / tragic moment when Ziggy Marley describes how competitive his dad was. Bob used to challenge his kids to running races, but he wouldn’t let his kids win. Instead Bob would sprint ahead as FAST as he possibly could. A driven guy, that Bob Marley. You should watch the documentary. Mon.

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