Head Cyano 115 Squash Racket

Here’s the Head YouTek Cyano 115 squash racket:

Head YouTek Cyano 115
Image via amazon.com

I first saw this in Darren McCann’s squash bag. This seems to be a predecessor of the Head Graphene Cyano 2 115 and the Head YouTek Cyano 2 115.

The specs look about the same for all three rackets: 115 grams, with a 36.5 cm balance point. So this guy might be a less-expensive option (while it’s still available). I recently had a hit with the newest Graphene version of this racket and loved it.

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  • A great racket. I use this as my back-up racket. Very light and very powerful. You can pick this racket up for about 60 pounds and is a real bargain. Probably would benefit from a string up grade. There is a product review video from Paul at pdhsports.

    • Thanks Darren!


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