Head Graphene Cyano 135 Squash Racket

This is the original Head Graphene Cyano 135:

Head Graphene Cyano 135
Image via head.com

Advertised Specs

Weight: Medium (135 grams)
Balance: Head-light (33 cm)
Head Size: Large (500 sq cm)
String Pattern: 12 x 17

Racket Notes

This is one of the “Graphene” Head squash rackets, like the Cyano 115. This came out in 2013, and replaced the Head Anion2 135.

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I had a hit with this racket and thought it was “neither here nor there” – I just didn’t get good power or control.

Here’s a review from Paul at PDH Sports, who says this is a head-light power racket but it still has good feel:

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  1. Seb says

    Just when I got my HEAD rackets, they introduce a new head-light one. I can’t seem to see this one on HEAD’s US web site. I am looking into getting Dunlop Aerogel 4D Elite (Gregory Gaultier’s racket) and the Harrow Vapor (135 gms. evenly-balanced).

    If anyone has played with these 2, I would like to hear their feedback. I have a few friends who play with Harrow and they really like them, though I am not sure what makes them so expensive ($200+). As for the Aerogel gel, my only concern would be the durability. I have seen Gaultier breaking them left and right these days (he broke 2 in the 3rd match in the semi against Ramy).

  2. Seb says

    Interesting article Jeroen. I have heard that a lot of Pros (exception being younger ones) don’t play with the actual rackets they are paid to endorse. They get a paint job done on theirs to make them look identical. I was once listening to Joey Barrington during his commentary and he mentioned that a few years back Ramy was playing with Prince, but was actually paid by HEAD. He painted his Prince rackets and the strings to show HEAD logos.

    I am looking for a evenly balanced or head-light racket in the 130-135 gm weight range, so I will try out the Aerogel 4D Elite and the Harrow Vapor and see how they feel. (expensive!!).

  3. D says

    Hey Seb, it’s often the case with the top pros, in squash as much as in tennis, that they use custom setups or older rackets repainted to market newer models. Other than Gaultier, Shabana over the years almost always was using the old ICE racket he’s using now, but painted to look like the Ultimate. You’ll see the bulge in the top of the grip, and the fact that the Ultimate has 16×19 strings but Shabana’s racket is 14×18.

    Other than those two, Nick’s was the same racket as marketed, but had some customizations he didn’t go into detail about. Ramy’s Dunlops were almost always custom when I asked him about it, and he also admitted to playing with Prince while he was with Head (he said that was admittedly not a good situation).

  4. David says

    Hey Pierre, I was wondering there are differences between this racquet and the anion2. I wanted to get an identical racquet as a back up but buying another graphene is too much when anion2 is half price. Thank you!

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi David, I haven’t tried these rackets against each other so I can’t say for 100% sure, but having got that caveat out of the way, my bet is these rackets are very similar and you would be happy using some of the older models as backups. You could even check out the two-versions-ago racket, the Head 135 CT, and save even a few more bucks. If you do try the older models out, please do let us know how it worked out! Thanks

    • David says

      Hi Pierre,

      I bought the anion2 and restrung this and graphene with the tecnifibre biphase 1.18 at 27lbs. The anion2 makes a really good backup racquet with great control and decent power. Though I think anion2 has a slightly heavier head which makes volleying a bit different. Or maybe it’s the graphene doing its part in making it lighter without compromising power. I felt the graphene was able to cut air faster than anion2.

      Overall I’m happy with the purchase. At least I know I’ll always have a backup racquet should anything happen.

  5. Pierre Bastien says

    From Kishore via email:

    Just wanted to share that I have got the Head 135 graphene cyano. Its a very powerful racket. Slightly more than the 115 graphene I had.

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