Head Graphene Neon 130 Squash Racket

Yo it’s the Head Graphene Neon 130. It’s a 2013 Head model.

Head Graphene Neon 130 Squash Racket

Head Graphene Neon 130 Specs

Weight: Medium (130 grams)
Balance: Head-Heavy (37 cm)
Head Size: Large (500 sq. cm)
Released: 2013

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Head Graphene Neon 130 Reviews

I had a hit with this the other day and loved it. The racket head, which is 500 cm2 felt HUGE compared to my Dunlop GT-X 130 (which is 470 cm2), but the Neon sliced through the air with authority, like I was Thierry Lincou but without the socks. The larger head size seemed to guide my racket through the swing. My touch shots didn’t feel “soft” exactly, but they were accurate because the racket helped me swing through the hitting zone, as described in this SquashSkills video (subscription required).

Here’s a review from Paul “Neon” Hargrave from PDH Sports. He says it’s very maneuverable and fun to use, and it has good control (despite the large head size).

Have you tried this racket? Please let us know in the comments below how you liked it!


  1. Darren McCann says

    Hi Piere,

    I use this racket and can’t reccomend it highly enough. Perfect balance providing efforless power as well as great touch at the front of the court. Due to the light weight frame you can attack the ball early and volley with ease.
    As always Paul from pdh sports as done a great product review of this racket and it can be found on YouTube. I would be happy to answer any questions people had about this racket. (Pierre, treat yourself and get one!)

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Geoff its tough for me to say if it’s “Head-like” because I haven’t used Head rackets very much but I would agree the frame was a bit stiff. I hit some nice drops with the racket but more because the racket encourages a complete follow-through.

  2. Garrick Alden says

    I’m trying to decide between the Head Graphene 130 and 135. I currently play with a Dunlop Tour CX 2012 model, which I love. I just want to get a second and think I want one of these two from Head. I’m 31 years old and somewhat new to squash, although picking it up quick. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Garrick, I tried the Head Graphene 135 and personally didn’t care for it. My notes on it were “neither here nor there” which I think meant I couldn’t get a feel for the touch but also wasn’t generating much power. I had much more fun with the 130 above.

      Let us know which you end up going with!

  3. zac s salleh says

    i m using this 130 neon quite often now(sometimes i use Prince exo3 pro tour in a cold court to get extra power), what can i say personally about this racket, it has a great power without sacrificing the control, i not really a fan of the head string so i strung this one with the ashaway super nick XL micro which gave me more precised and control in every shot and also extra spin. it really feel head heavy in hand but it is light enough to get into the volley shots. i stripped off the plastic bumper and i feel quite like it.The light material graphene really generate easier swing. when i first use this, i quite surprised with the improvements of my drop shots… so dont worry much about the big cumbersome head sure it will take times to get used to it but i really like to use any head racket because of the crisp feel. and yes, it does have the typical head feel. trust me…

  4. Nektarios Katikas says

    I play with the Technifibre Carbonflex 130 and I have tried the Head 130 a few times. If you concentrate and you hit correctly it delivers an unprecedented power and you can control what you do at the same time. I felt on the other hand it being too stiff for my taste and it needs time to get used to it. I would guess that in a few months that I would be better in my game i would be able to control the racket better. It is an excellent racket for those you want to feel the weight of the racket.

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