Head Metallix 130 Squash Racket Review

Here’s another racket in the Head Metallix range, the Head Metallix 130.

Head Metallix 130 Squash Racket
Image via amazon.com

I’ve seen a few players on my home courts use this. I think it’s a bit of an older model but a quality racket, so probably a good deal for someone looking for a decent racket but not wanting to splurge for the latest models.

It’s got a frame weight of 130 grams, which is pretty light. The balance point is 370mm so this should be head-heavy.

Buy (US): amazon.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk

Update: I just found this old picture of Ramy Ashour. I guess he used to play with this racket:

Ramy Head Metallix 130
Photo via head.com

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