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Head Xenon 135 Squash Racket

The Head YouTek Xenon 135 Squash Racket is one of the more popular rackets on the pro tour, currently used by Karim Darwish, former world number 1 and current top-5 player of Egypt, Laurens Jan Anjema, a top-10 men’s player from the Netherlands, and Laura Massaro, a top 5 women’s player from England.

Head YouTek Xenon2 135 Squash Racket

This racquet is now in its second generation and is technically called the Head Xenon 2 135.

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Racket Specs
Name: YouTek Xenon 135
Manufacturer: Head Squash
Head’s description: “The perfect blend of control, power and comfort.”
Colors: Orange and white
Weight: Light (135 g)
Balance: Head-heavy (37 cm)

Here is Laura Massaro using the racket against Nicol David in the Qatar Classic.

Here’s LJ Anjema using the Xenon 135 with his smooth lefty strokes against Hisham Ashour in the 2010 Dutch Open:

And here’s Karim Darwish at the 2013 British Open:

Karim Darwish with Head YouTek Xenon2 135
Photo: Steve Cubbins

This is what the 2011 version of this racket looked like:
Head Xenon 135 Review
Buy (UK): pdhsports.com

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