Asics Gel Blade 3 Squash Shoes

The Asics Gel Blade 3 squash shoes are the latest iteration of the Asics Gel Blade series that are much-loved by squash players. (For the women’s version, see Asics Gel Blade 3 W.)

Update: the latest version of these is the Asics Gel Blade 4.

Asics Gel Blade 3 Squash Shoes

I first noticed these on Tom Richards, who wore them during the British Open.

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Here’s a decent shot of Tom (right) wearing the shoes in his second round match with Nick Matthew:

Photo by Jordan Mansfield via PSA World Tour

Here’s a blue and orange variety:

I believe LJ Anjema (right) was wearing these at El Gouna against Tarek Momen:

Photo by SquashSite for the El Gouna Open

LJ also seems to have used this black pair:

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Here he is (right side) wearing them at the British Open in his match against Stephen Coppinger:

Photo by Jordan Mansfield via Squash TV

Here’s LJ Anjema wearing the neon green version of these shoes. I guess LJ just went out and bought every color of this shoe, just in case.

Photo via

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This is a red & silver style. So far I’ve only seen these in one store in South Africa.
Asics Gel Blade 3 Red Silver
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Here’s Hisham Ashour wearing these at the Motor City Open:
hisham-2013-motor-cityPhoto via

Thanks to Tom for the tip!

Looks like there’s also an orange-flavored version, which I haven’t been able to find for sale anywhere:
Photo via

And here is the 2011 version in red, worn by Karim Darwish:

Photo via

Here’s a larger picture of the red guy. I don’t think this model is for sale anymore: