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Ramy Ashour 2013 World Champs

Ramy’s Dunlop Blackmax Titanium racket broke during yesterday’s quarterfinal match with Greg Gaultier. And what did he pull out of his bag to replace it?

Well see the picture above — it looks to me like this is his previous racket, the Dunlop Biomimetic Max. He was using the racket again during his semifinal match against Nick Matthew.

Screenshot courtesy PSA Squash TV

P.S. check out a great comment left by a reader named Vadim on the Ramy Ashour Racket page. Vadim won the “Win Ramy’s Racquet” competition that was staged a few months ago and has a few interesting details in the Ramy Racket Riddle.

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  1. Seb says

    I was watching the Qatar quarter-final replay between Ramy and Omar Mosaad, and the commentators Joey Barrington and Adrian mentioned that Ramy is actually playing with the lightest racket (115 gms) in the circuit. Ramy also has it strung loose to give it more power. So it may be that he is not playing with the racket he is endorsing, or he has it shaved for lesser weight, similar to what Grégory Gaultier does to his.

    • Pierre says

      Hi Seb you’re right, Joey is always talking about how light Ramy’s racket is. That’s one thing that never quite adds up in the Ramy equipment mystery. It could be like you say that he actually shaves the racket down a la Gaultier.

      • Seb says

        However, your latest blog entry mentions that he is back to playing with Prince. It will be interesting to see what comes out their bags at ToC New York, particularly Ramy and Shabana. That aside, are you planning on doing any more of the “Every Piece of Equipment Used at the Squash xxx Tournamant 2013’s” ? An even better would be to do “What’s in your bag” similar to how PDH Sports did with some of the squash players, available on you tube.


        • Pierre says

          Hi Seb

          Thanks for the encouragement on the “every piece of equipment” posts! They take a ton of work and I thought maybe they were a one-hit-wonder but I am happy to hear at least one person wants more so I will see what I can do. I would love to do “what’s in your bag” type posts like PDH does but as yet I haven’t really developed any contacts amongst pro players. Maybe one day…


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