James Willstrop Racket

The James Willstrop racket for 2014 is probably this one. It’s called the Prince Pro Tour 850.

Prince Pro Tour 850 Image via amazon.com

I haven’t seen him using this in any tournaments yet, but here’s a promotional photo of James in a suit with this racket:

james-willstrop-racket-2014 Image via Prince Squash

Here is James with his 2013 racket, the Prince EXO3 Tour. James Willstrop Racket Photo by Jordan Mansfield

Here’s what the EXO3 Tour looks like:

Prior to that he was using the Prince O3 Black, which, confusingly, is actually silver-colored: willstrop-gaultier-2012-us-open

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  • hes been using for a while the exo3 rebel, change the info

    • Hi there, thanks for the comment. You may be right but in the most recent photo I can find (now added to the post above) that looks a bit like the EXO3 Tour doesn’t it?

  • i have never really been interested in Willstrop’s racket but i thought i would just check it out. do you know what string tension he uses?

  • Its a custom painted EXO3 Rebel (Players model).

    • Hi, I don’t think so! It’s is a heavier frame than the Rebel, and a different colour, it has more power than the Rebel too.

    • Hi Paul that’s interesting. Is the Players model an older frame?


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