Karakal PU Super Grip

Well Squash Source is back from vacation in Florida and ready for action. Thought I’d start up a new category for Squash Grips. Personally I’ve always played with Tourna Grip, which was pretty fly back in the college days, much like my terrycloth headband, but I don’t see too many players using it today. Recently I got some tips from Chris and D on this HK Open post that most of the pro players are using either Karakal or Pointfore grips. I haven’t tried either of these directly but I will make it a point to give them a whirl.

Anyway here are some places to buy the Karakal PU Super Grip. What’s the PU for, you ask? Polyurethane? Pathetic Uncle? It’s one of those, but I’m not telling you which. I will tell you one more clue: these grips are Super Tacky.

Karakal PU Super Grip

Here are some places to buy the Karakal PU Super Grips. These are affiliate links, so if you end up buying something I will get a small credit – thanks!

Buy (US): amazon.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk

Buy (Germany): amazon.de

Buy (France): amazon.fr

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  1. Brock in HK says

    One thing to note about these grips is that each color has different grip characteristics and stability on the racquet handle itself. For example, the green grip is less tacky in sticking to the grip and slides around on the racquet handle. The grip itself is about as tacky as the others on the hand, although not quite. Best bet for consistency is the 24 pack of yellow grips.

    • Bopper says

      Many people swear that the colours are different,and a lot claim that the yellow ones are the tackiest. However, I think that this may be more a matter of the mind than reality. I’ve used Karakal grips for a long time and found them all to be pretty much the same.

    • Tjeerd says

      Well, I play with these grips for over 15 years now, and tried about every color you can get. When you just re-gripped your racket, all colors have about the same stickyness and feel. However, after playing a few matches, you can feel (and see) some differences.
      I can confirm the behaviour of the green grips; the texture to me felt a bit “loose”, and after playing a few matches they – indeed – seem to slide around.
      The black grips tend to be more durable, however after a short while they get a bit hard.
      In my perception, the yellow ones give you the best, soft, confortable “cushion” feel.

  2. D says

    I also love these grips, but I prefer the tackiness and longevity of Yonex Supergrap overgrips, which are extremely popular in tennis. It seems like no one uses overgrips in squash. I also find that it’s easier to swap overgrips then redoing the grip.

    What I do these days is put on the grip with minimal overlap, to make it as thin as possible, then adding the Yonex on top. It ends up being the same thickness as how I would have overlapped a regular grip.

  3. Bill says

    I have to agree that I experience a different degree of tackiness in color. The white and black are both more durable and tacky. I haven’t tried the yellow though. Thanks for the tip.

    Like D, I’ve also resorted to putting ultra tacky overgrip. Some are thinner than others. I’ve tried tennis overgrips and had good results with Slazenger and Gamma.

  4. Roy says

    I mostly use an overgrip, will definitely try Karakal next time. Currently I am using Dunlop Gecko Tac Overgrip as I dont like changing the factory grip the racquet comes with.

  5. M says

    I’ve used these grips for a long time along with experimenting a few other brands. Honestly, the colours for each assorted solid colour feels the same for most intents and purposes. If I were to seriously split hairs then yes I would agree that the black feels a wee bit harder than the rest, and overall, the white and yellow feels the best. The “multi” coloured karakal PU super grips also feel just as great, the ones with streaky lines on the grip. Be wary of the “duo” version though, the bi-coloured grip, i guarantee that it’s slightly thicker than the regular pu super grip and hence you may need to overlap less. In addition it just doesn’t feel as grippy and soft. I would stay away from the “love” and the “tribal” grips as well. They slip easily.

    Regarding replacement grips vs overgrips, I would recommend overgrips only to those who really really sweat a lot, if not, overgrips for squash is not recommended unless you intend to apply it beneath your replacement grip just to build the thickness of your grip. Reason being the overlaps with a replacement grip gives the really nice “ribbed” texture which provides and excellent feel and grip.

  6. Ben says

    Hi everyone, I recommend the Karakal PU Duo squash grip, which I use, great look and colours, very tacky, thick and absorbent, also i would recommend using prince DuraPro+ Indoor Replacement Grip, they can be expensive but i think they are worth it, as they are even better quality.

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