Karakal SN 90 Squash Racket

Yeah so the Karakal SN 90 is 90 grams.

The lightest racket I’ve really seen people using is the Head Graphene 115. This Karakal is 20% lighter.

Small, but powerful. Honestly, all I can think about right now is Kerry Strug. You can do it!

I would really like to hit with this, just to find out what a 90 gram racket feels like.

Racket Specs

Weight: 90 grams (Kerry Strug)
Balance: 36.5 cm (head-heavy)
Head size: 455 cm2 (mid-size)

Karakal SN 90 Squash Racket
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Karakal SN 90 Reviews

Here’s a review from Paul at PDH Sports:

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  1. Geoff Chandler says

    I like a light racket. Would like a change and would like to consider using the .SN 90 or the Head 110 for world’s masters in Hong Kong. How do I get to trying one?I live in East London South Africa.
    +27 83 200 6076

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Geoff I am not sure how to get a trial racket out to you in South Africa. Sorry! Maybe a reader will have an idea for you. Good luck.

  2. Degaul saad says

    I would like to have a very gd prises for 10 squash rackets of karacal sn 90 grames.

    Cheers degsule

  3. Nouman says

    I have the SN90 and love it. It does take a while to get used to as the lightweight frame may initially cause you to over swing. Meaning you will need to start your swing slightly later then you are normally used to.

    Since it is a lighter frame you will get more racquet speed but the frame weight does make you lose a bit of power. To help compensate for that I get my racquet strung at 24 lbs. (lower string weight = more power) than my usual 27 lbs. for my other racquets.

  4. Pierre Bastien says

    From Joe:

    I’ve recently switched to the Karakal sn-90 (when when strung and gripped,its nowhere near 90 grams by the way!)
    Its very light,and without doubt the most powerfull racket I have tried. Its a great,fun racket to use and it still provides a lot of accuracy and feel. It is one of those rackets that feels like more of an extension to your arm.

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