Karakal Tec Tour 140 Squash Racket

It’s the Karakal Tec Tour 140 squash racket:

Karakal Tec Tour 140 Review
Image via sweatband.com

This guy is 140 grams so a medium weight. Sweatband lists the balance as 35-37 cm. It’s a bit weird to have a range like that, but presumably this is head-heavy. The head size is 470 sq. cm, which is small.

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Karakal Tec Tour 140 – 2012 Version

Here’s what the 2012 version looked like:

Karakal Tec-Tour 140 - 2012
Image via holabirdsports.com

It appears to be the same specs.

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  1. Tjeerd says

    About the balance point: I once read on http://www.karakal.com, that they use a 5% margin on the weight and balance point specs. It possibly explains the “weird” spec range.

    I’have played these rackets a few years ago. These robust bats are all about control, although you can generate plenty of power with them. They come with with Karakal’s Nano 125 strings, which are pretty good. Back then, i’ve measured a *racket* balance point of just over 35 cm; so quite evenly balanced. These rackets are not too expensive, good value for mony.

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