Low Wee Wern Equipment [2014 British Open]

Here’s Low Wee Wern at the British Open:

Low Wee Wern
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Looks like she’s got a new signature Harrow racket:

Harrow Low Wee Wern 2014
Image via Low Wee Wern’s Instagram

Thanks to Larry for the tip.

Update: it’s a custom version of the Harrow Silk:

Her shoes are also fairly unique. These are called the Mizuno Wave Twister 2.

Mizuno Wave Twister 2 Women

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  1. Brock in HK says

    Frequently seen in Asia to use badminton shoes for squash. Mizunos are populare here, and even see some Li Ning badminton shoes in action on a few courts. Basically the same lunging / twisting dynamic to the two sports, except the shuttlecock has even less bounce than a cold squash ball.

    I think the main new equipment WW has added to the arsenal is a few extra pounds of muscle. She looks physically much stronger than in the past few matches.

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