Merry Christmas!


I’m grateful for the chance to write this particular blog and be into the game of squash in general.

About a year ago, I felt a certain sense of embarrassment that I hadn’t gone to the US Open, which was held in my home city of Philadelphia. Was I really that uninterested in squash that I wouldn’t bother to go downtown and watch any matches? I even had access to a free ticket, courtesy of my club, but I still didn’t make it out.

After that I resolved to get more into squash. I mean the pro squash scene, really. Writing this blog was part of my effort.

Now I’m as into the game as I probably ever have been. I still play twice a week — that’s unchanged — but I watch the pros play, I’m following college squash more, and I stay in touch with squash news in general. It’s a good feeling.

Thank you to my parents and in-laws for two squash-related Christmas presents this year: a Dunlop Pro GTX 130 (my racket) and a new Harrow squash bag (my old one was coming apart).

Looking forward to a wonderful 2013 in the squash world.


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